Pakistan Education Centre organized an enlighetning fair of the most exciting cutting- edge Science & Technology. The Expo provided the young scientists a platform to let their imagination fly and innovate something new by having a sneak peek into the research field. The studentsof grade III to XII participated in the fest and showcased their models and projects at the exhibition. The young geniuses displayed marvelous scientific knowledge, caliber and innovation in the field of living sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Information Technology. The students and teachers witnessed the wonderful show of innovative ideas of the young “Faradays, Newton’s, Edison’s& Charles Babbage”. Principal PEC NargisRazaOthowas the Chief Guest of the fest. She keenly interacted with the students who exuded confidence while explaining the various scientific projects that were on display. These projects were adjudicated by a panel of senior teachers and the best models were awarded with the commendation certificates by the Principal PEC.

MrsNargisRazaOtho, the school Principal also admired the enthusiasm and effervescence of the students, their teachers for making the fair a success.