Ms. Mubarika Noman, headmistress of KG Wing is a hardworking, disciplined and benevolent. She did her schooling from Presentation Convent High School, Rawalpindi. She is a graduate from Karachi University and is a certified Edexcel Master Teacher Trainer. She has specialized in Curriculum Development and Early Childhood Teaching.
Her wonderful teaching career spans over 18 years. She has been associated with renowned schools of Karachi and Mumbai, where she served as an English language teacher, academic coordinator and Principal.
During her professional career, she has been associated with many renowned teachers Training institutes and publication houses as a Teacher’s Trainer and Facilitator including the British Council, Paramount Publications, Oxford University Press and SPELT (Society for Pakistan English Language Teachers).
She joined PIS in January 2013 as a nursery teacher. Besides teaching, she also served as syllabus coordinator and office assistant in KG Wing and assistant to the principal of PIS. She is also the member of various committees of the school such as the media and newsletter and annual magazine committee and Cambridge Education program. She also the coordinator of the annual teacher’s training program of PIS.
Being a hardworking, dedicated and a marvelous teacher, she has garnered a special place in every student, teacher as well as her senior’s heart’s. In June 2014, she has been appointed the headmistress. She believes that all students can learn when given the chance to discover new ideas in a purposeful, dynamic and inviting learning environment. Therefore, she is committed to giving that learning environment for the young toddlers of PIS as a headmistress of KG Wing.